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For over 10 year we have been helping professionals find the best jobs in Austria. Our goal is helping ambitious individuals like you find the best job opportunities in Austria’s best companies.

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Chef de Rang, Chef de Rang
Laszlo und Dora

Dora und Laszlo

Dora und Laszlo sind bereits seit mehreren Saisonen über unsere Agentur als Paar tätig und sind derzeit im Bergresort im schönen Salzburger Pongau als Chef de Rang beschäftigt. Dort bilden sie einen essentiellen Teil des Service Teams und führen durch Engagement und Einsatz. AlpJobs ist stolz Ihnen einen tollen Arbeitsplatz vermittelt zu haben und wir freuen uns, daß die beiden auch den hohen Anforderungen dieses Spitzenbetriebs entsprechen. Wir wünschen Ihnen für Ihre gemeinsame Zukunft alles Gute und noch eine tolle Karriere!

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Having spent many years honing our skills in the international Hotel business ourselves, we have an insight view of what is needed to satisfy a costumer in today’s demanding market.

Since we are hotel professionals ourselves, we can relate to both ends of the spectrum, we judge each challenge from both sides and then go about the matching procedure.

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Hotel Experts plan for the future in the Alps

If you ask yourself where you want to be in 5 years times and are you on the right track to take you to where you set your goals to be? Taking the long view on careers requires us to be reflective, which can help determine whats really important in both our professional as well

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Recruiting for the HOTEL INDUSTRY in times of COVID

While the coronavirus has wreaked havoc on many industries by forcing them to downsize their workforces, most importantly the hotel and hospitality sector, others are seeing the reverse effect. Health care, food and pharmacy retail and supply chain industries — jobs that are absolutely essential in this crisis, are absolutley booming! The Hotel Industry is

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Home Office – Pros and Cons?

Just like the great majority of European countries, we Austrians have spent the better part of a year in lock-down, seclusion and most importantly, the so-called HOME OFFICE! Since a great deal of employees have had to deal with that new reality of working from home, what are the conclusion after almost a year of

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The Austrian Alps are BLOOMING again!

A new world out there, a new chance in the Alps! Although the coronavirus has exposed the fragility of our societies and is a chance to build a more sustainable future as well as take advantage of the opportunities presenting themselves, say several leading international experts on the subject. The coronavirus crisis has proved that

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Hotels in Austria amongst the first to reopen for business

All eyes are on Austria as it eases corona virus restrictions and reopens stores and small businesses from beginning of May, hotels and restaurants by end of May. Austria’s government had words of encouragement and caution for the population, as the country set out to ease its lockdown little by little. “We are on course,”

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Some impact on Hotel Jobs in Austria by Coronavirus

The tourism industry in Austria has not felt a great effect thus far as the coronavirus has also emerged across Europe. Information released by data and analytics company AlpData shows that Hotel Bookings are still strong and especially the upcomming Easter Holiday brake is almost booked as usual, cancellations have been rare. Unlike certain areas

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5 reasons why to work in the Austrian Alps in the summer!

Weather you are going on holidays or spending your summer working at a hotel, we commonly dream of summer destinations with sand and sea, but have you ever thought about trading them in for mountains and lakes? Inspired by the recent boom of summer tourisme in most traditional austrian winter resorts, I’m sharing 5 AWESOME

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Seasonal hotel jobs in Austria – Whats right for me? Take the quiz!

There are no two ways about it: The most expensive—er, wonderful—time of year is just around the corner and like every year, hoteliers across the snow covered mountains in Austria are starting their frenzy to find qualified professionals to be able to fill thier open positions. So is a seasonal job during the cold winter

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TOP DJs in the Austrian Alps

Every year thousands of ski fans, party animals and hotel employees alike will flood the Austrian skiing destinations to be part of the already legendary ski openings around the alpine skiing jewel. In 2019 the Dachstein region of Schladming is kicking off the ski opening with an event bound to outdo all the rest when

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