How much can I earn working in a Hotel in Austria?

Answer: Earnings typically depend on your position and experience, the higher your position and the more your experience you have, the more you will earn. As an example, a good, well qualified and experienced cook in a position of Chef de Partie for example will easily earn around €2000.- net per month. Lower positions in the kitchen start around €1500.- net to €1600.- net per month. Earnings are always up to negotiations and include a certain variable, depending on each individual. Furthermore its important to mention that everyone employed in Austria receives 14 salaries per year, based on 12 months employment.

Do you offer seasonal or permanent positions? 

Answer: Both options are available, please specify what you prefer. Most hotels operate two main seasons and typically offer first a seasonal position, however contract extensions for an additional season or a permanent contract from the start are also possible.

For how long are the contracts? 

Answer: Seasonal contracts run from 3 to 5 months, permanent contracts are unlimited.

Where will I live during my stay in Austria? Does the hotel provide a room for me? 

Answer: All our partner hotels provide accommodation and 3 meals a day for free or a minimal fee. Exact conditions regarding accommodation depend on each hotel, so please ask your AlpJobs agent about specifics.

What about health insurance? I am covered for medical needs? 

Answer: As soon as you start your job you will be fully covered for health and accident insurance, you will also receive a social security card which allows you to use all public medical facilities.

Can I use the hotel gym or other hotel facilities on my days off?

Answer: Most of our partner hotels have a “free use of facility” policy for employees during certain hours, hotels also extend generous discounts to employees on spa treatments, gift shops purchases or hotel rooms.

How many days a week do I work and how many hours a day?

Answer: Working hours depend on the season and each hotel. As a general rule, 6 days a week are common, however also a 5 day working week can be negotiated and is applied in many hotels.

Do I need a work permit to work in Austria? How do I get a permit?

Answer: If you hold a EU passport no permit is needed, you can start your job in Austria without any proceedings. None EU residents as well as Croatian nationals please contact your AlpJobs agent about specifics.

Who will pay for my travel expenses and other costs to come to Austria?

Answer: All initial travel expenses are covered by the candidates themselves. After the first contract has been completed successfully, arrangements for the employer to cover travel costs can be negotiated. 

How much does AlpJobs agency charge to find a job for me?
Answer: Our service is entirely free of charge for candidates.

Can my family visit me during my stay in Austria?
Answer: Many of our partner hotels allow for family members or friends to stay with an employee for certain time periods, such as Christmas or other holidays.