Alpjobs Team

A business is only as successful as its weakest member.

That’s why it is our mission at AlpJobs to find only the best and most qualified Team members for your business! 

Hubert Schober

Innovates the Austrian job market.

Theresa Krainer

Client Manager
Weds the best Talent with the most adequate job opportunity.

Bernd Hold

Business Partner
Finds the best job opportunities for you.

Eneroliza Maier

Talent Scout
Connects the Alps with southern Europe’s talent pool

Ivana Orsolic

Talent Scout
Searches for the most talented job seekers.

Our Story

A business is only as successful as its weakest member, that’s why it is our mission at AlpJobs to find only the best and most qualified Team members for your business!

We are your competent partner when it comes to finding the best employees for your business. Your success depends on the people who represent you and only a cared for and satisfied employee can fulfill that task to the maximum. We ensure that by matching hotel professionals with the most adequate hotel jobs you achieve the best result possible.

Having spent many years honing our skills in the international Hotel business ourselves, we have an insight view of what is needed to satisfy a costumer in today’s demanding market. We could fill every single position in a hotel ourselves and therefor have an insight view of the demands and what is needed. Since we are hotel professionals ourselves, we can relate to both ends of the spectrum, we judge each challenge from both sides and then go about the matching procedure.

Our Team consists of a solid mix of hotel professionals, recruiting specialists and IT pros who each count with proven expertise in their field. We approach each task with analytical precision, ad a cup of experience and manage all our tasks in a fully automated system that takes all administrational tasks off our hands. We can therefor focus all our energy on talking to candidates, analysing their skills, experience and desires and then find the perfect match for them.

We communicate with our customers on eye level, relate their needs and requirements to our candidates or applicants and are then able to determine the best possible match. We furthermore offer our candidates a full care package, staying with them all the way through the employment and assisting them with any needs such as administrational tasks, work related issues or personal things. Creating strong and lasting relationships with both our clients as well as our candidates makes us a leader in hotel recruitment services.
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